Q: Why do I need an annual roof inspection?

A: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

You’ve chosen a competent, reputable company for Tyler, TX roof maintenance in Reliable Roofing, Inc. who uses quality materials backed by a manufacturer’s warranty- but did you know that:

  • Periodic roof inspections are typically required by roofing manufacturers in order to keep those warranties valid?
  • Most claims on defective material must be filed within the first 5 years of a new roof installation?

Storm damage is only one reason that your roof could start leaking, and even the effects of wind and rain may not be evident right away. By the time you notice the damage inside your home, far more damage is already done, and your repair bills become much more costly.

Over time, other issues can cause leaks and reduce the life of your roof as well. During your Tyler, TX roof inspection, a qualified technician will:

  • clear your roof and gutters of debris that holds water

And inspect your roof for the following:

  • deterioration of membrane and flashing
  • missing or damaged shingles
  • loose metal flashing/pipe flashing
  • damaged skylight and chimney flashing
  • buckles and wrinkles
  • cuts and punctures
  • pooling water
  • moisture infiltration
  • high nails
  • loose screws
  • caulking cracks
  • air conditioner leaks
  • loose base attachments for mechanical equipment

Reliable Roofing, Inc. in Tyler, TX recommends an annual roof inspection and regular roof maintenance, to extend the life of your roof, and to avoid major and costly repairs on your Tyler home.

Your Tyler, TX roof maintenance plan also includes a 15% Labor Discount on major repairs!