Beware of Storm Chasers: Finding Good Emergency Roof Repair

When the winds blow and the dangerous weather comes in, local businesses here in Tyler can take quite a hit. Their buildings often bear the brunt of damage, with dented roofs, broken skylights, and other serious issues. Who do you turn to, when disaster strikes, and your company’s building is looking worse for wear? Too often, people fall victim to “storm chasers,” the roofing companies that swoop in after a big storm and make quick sales to business owners desperate to get started on the repairs.

This is a problematic trend in the roofing industry, and many innocent people end up losing money and with a subpar roof and no one to turn to. The storm chasing process typically goes something like this:

1. After a major storm, storm chasers travel to the affected area, knowing that local roofing companies can’t keep up with the demand.

2. These visiting companies place help wanted ads, often promising quick money, and assemble their crews.

3. The heads of these storm chasing crews reach out to local, legitimate roofing companies and offer to take on some of the abundance of work. In exchange, they are allowed to use that company’s name (and thus, reputation) and warranty for their work.

4. The storm chaser crews flood the affected region, grabbing up as many jobs as possible, knowing that people will be quick to hire them because they recognize the brand name.

5. Large payouts from insurance companies come down the line, and both the storm chasers and the host company make significant income.

6. The storm chasers leave the area with their cash. Their shoddy workmanship eventually begins to fail and show signs of defect, but by now, these crews are long gone.

7. The host roofing company is inundated with repair or replacement requests, but often can’t keep up with honoring these warranties. They either have to close their business, or hobble along with a damaged reputation.

Inexperienced, unreliable, and unethical roofers are everywhere. When you find yourself caught in a roofing scam or otherwise affected by this storm chasing phenomenon, it can cause serious stress and financial loss too. So, how do you find a trustworthy roofing company in Tyler, whose workmanship you know will stand the test of time? Thankfully for commercial building owners in need of roofing replacement or repair, there are a few great options, including Reliable Roofing.

Don’t get stuck with an inferior roofing company and potentially end up with structural damage to your home and/or battles over warranties and money. When you do your due diligence, and select a roofer that is certified, you can rest well knowing your home is in good hands. All of us here at Reliable Roofing are committed to providing the best emergency roof repair in Tyler, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards. Reach out to us today to learn more.