Common Types of Roof Storm Damage

After severe weather rolls through your area, your roof may be left with some wear and tear. While most roofs, especially those built with your local climate in mind, are designed to take a beating, sometimes they will need repair or replacement after a serious storm. And even if the damage isn’t immediately noticeable, your roof will age more quickly, and may need reinforcement over time. Regardless of your unique roof damage, it’s important that you work with an experienced roofing contractor in Tyler, to fix things up right.

The three most common types of roofing damage include:

Your roof is designed to withstand heavy winds, and is thought to be your first line of defense in a major storm. Depending on the type of storm and severity of the wind, you may be left to deal with blown-off shingles, loose singles, and/or loose gutters, all of which can result in more serious damage to your home. Call a professional roofing repair company to get everything back in place.

Following a hailstorm is one of the peak times for roof repair requests, and for good reason. However, hail damage is actually quite difficult to properly assess, so you may want to have a roofing contractor in Tyler come out to inspect your roof. Hail can also do a lot of damage to your siding and gutters. Since hail damage can be complex, and result in issues that aren’t always visible, make sure you hire a pro to handle it for you.

The roof on your home or business is supposed to keep the water out, and away from the structure of your property. However, when it’s damaged, you may notice leaks, discolored walls, soggy wood, or standing water, or perhaps not notice anything at all. Water damage is often hidden behind walls, floors, or under your roofing shingles, but can do very costly and dangerous damage over time. Have your home inspected by a professional roofer, and give yourself valuable peace of mind.

Worried about roof damage after a storm? Want to make sure everything is a-okay? Give us a call at Reliable Roofing, and schedule your inspection today!