How to File An Insurance Claim For A Storm-Damaged Roof

Every home and commercial building is vulnerable to severe weather, no matter how they’re constructed. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to have good insurance coverage, so you can rebuild after a storm. What happens after a big storm comes through town, and you’re left with roof damage? Plan to take the time to understand your insurance coverage, and to work with a trustworthy roofing company in Tyler, TX that knows how to handle storm-related insurance claims.

If your roof recently sustained damage in a severe storm, here are a few things to know, as you file your insurance claim.

Know Your Policy
Too many people don’t know what’s included in their insurance policies, and what isn’t. Understanding the specifics of your coverage can ease your mind, and give you a plan of action after a storm. Some policies require claims to be initiated within a certain timeframe. Others have exclusions for roofs that are a certain age, like over 10 years old. Go through your policy and know your rights and responsibilities for roof repair or replacement.

Don’t Leave Anything Out
Resist the urge to gloss over minor damage, and instead, include every tiny detail in your claim. While it may be difficult to properly assess the damage to your roof, make sure you mention things like warped or missing shingles, and other seemingly minor damage. And when in doubt, you can schedule a professional roof inspection in Tyler, so you know exactly what your claim needs to address.

Bring Your Roofer and Adjuster Together
Only local roofing companies, like Reliable Roofing, understand the building codes and regulations in the area, so they are the best choice for working with your insurance company. Many insurers will bring in out-of-state adjusters for inspections, but you may request a “same appointment” with your roofer and your insurance provider instead.

Our company has experience handling storm-related insurance claims for roof repair and replacement in Tyler. Get in touch with us today at Reliable Roofing to learn more!