Your business is a huge investment. From your facilities to your inventory, you must take key steps to protect your investment. One of these steps is making sure your location has a structurally sound roof.

Businesses in Tyler and throughout East Texas call George Stanley and his team at Reliable Roofing, Inc., when they need Tyler commercial roofing contractors. George has 25 years of experience as a commercial roofing contractor. He is an expert in white TPO membrane and modified bitumen flat roofs and metal roofs.

 Reliable Roofing provides the following commercial roofing services:

Free Estimates

The Reliable Roofing team will consult with you in-person to assess your needs. Our Tyler commercial roofing team will review your concerns and advise you on the best solution(s) available. We will provide you with a written estimate that details costs of materials and labor as well as the timing of the project.


Has the roof on your facility been inspected lately? Could there be damage and degrading that has been accumulating for months, but may not have noticed? It is good that you have a professional to inspect your roof to evaluate its condition. We will inspect and report to you the condition of your roof and whether you need a restoration or replacement.

Repair and Restoration

We have experience repairing flat roofs (white TPO membrane; modified bitumen) and restoring metal roofs with cleaning and applying protective coating.

Replacement and Installation

Roofs may have too much damage or wear and tear to be repaired. In other cases, you might be remodeling your facility. You can turn to Reliable Roofing for roofing replacement (reroofing) and installation.

For our commercial roofing customers we specialize in:

If you see or experience one of the following:

  • Interior damage from leaks (especially after a storm)
  • Cuts, punctures in metal roof
  • Rusting
  • Roof blisters

…then it is time to contact Reliable Roofing, Inc., one of the most trusted Tyler commercial roofing contractors serving East Texas. Since 2001, Tyler TX businesses have turned to Reliable Roofing to repair, restore, and replace the roofing of their facilities. We are also available for

  • Emergency repair
  • Storm damage repair
  • Commercial Insurance Claims
  • Commercial Real Estate Inspections

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